Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Madeon feat. Nicholas Petricca – Finale (Original Mix)

Wrapping up a HUGE performance at Electric Daisy Carnival New York, Madeon gives us a teaser of what’s to come in the near future. Finale is Madeon’s upcoming song and is quite different from his other releases and will be out soon on his own label Popcultur distributed by Columbia. The vocalist featured in the track is Nicholas Petricca from the band Walk The Moon. If you’re trying to compare the sound of Madeon, in this preview of Finale, to other artists you may want to put him up there in the ranks with Daft Punk, Justice, Pendulum, and Porter Robinson. We’re enjoying the different tempo and can’t wait for the full track to be releases! The video used for the teaser of “Finale” was shot in Nantes, France in October of 2011 and edited by Chivteam.

Back in February we were graced by Madeon’s Icarus, a track so many of us waited months on end for to release! “Icarus” delivered a glitch electro, french house, nu-disco, and various other sounds while Finale is a more “housey” track. What’s great about this young rising kid star is that so far we’ve seen quality over quantity. While other artists are pumping out releases left and right, quality mediocre, we see Madeon put out a song every once in a while and absolutely love the production work behind every second of his tracks.

Word on the street is that Madeon, the kind of launchpad. turned 18 just the other day!



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